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What is the Britain’s Favourite Chocolate Bar

Simon DunneJune 26, 2020

Britain’s Favourite Chocolate Bar

When it comes to chocolate, it seems that everybody in the UK has their favourite(s). In many cases, our personal preferences can be traced all the way back to childhood. This is despite major branding changes as well as recipe tinkering – it seems that a few confectionary companies just can’t leave well alone when it comes to flavour - Nestle’s wanton destruction of the Rolo is a tragic case in point. Nonetheless, there are a few bars that remain firmly in the public conscience despite the constant upheaval in candy-land. With this in mind, here are four of the most popular chocolate bars in the UK.  


The bar formerly known as Marathon is officially the UK’s most cherished chocolate snack. In spite of major rebranding in 1990, it seems that the general public just can’t get enough of this nougat, caramel and peanut extravaganza. And the same goes for the rest of the world too – global sales are in the billions of dollars.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

We hate to use the word ‘institution’ - this is often a euphemism for something that gets away with being rubbish, just because it’s British. Think the Carry On films and Doctor Who. But in our present context, it applies perfectly. The Diary Milk has been in production since 1905 and is made exclusively from, yep, milk chocolate.


Galaxy is the third favourite according to recent polls. Although many claim that the flavour has changed over the years, the jury is out. Personally, we tend to agree with the doubters – but the simple milk chocolate recipe is still delicious. Interesting fact: the Galaxy is known as ‘Dove’ in Europe – not the most appetising moniker truth be told. Wash your mouth out Mars!


Bounty is another blockbuster bar from Mars with a coconut filling that’s enrobed in milk or dark chocolate. Introduced back in 1951, the recipe has remained unaltered. The only noticeable change relates to the packaging – remember the cardboard tray upon which the little bars were presented in the 80s? A few limited edition variants have also been unveiled over the years including a cherry-flavoured version in Australia as well as a mango bar for our Russian friends.

So What Makes a Good Chocolate Bar?

As far as we’re concerned, the best chocolate bars whose recipes are left well alone! However, technically-speaking, quality chocolate bars will obviously have a good flavour, consistent texture and a pleasant aroma. Waxy or gritty chocolate usually indicates the use of sub-standard ingredients. Suffice to say that none of the bars mentioned above fall into this category.

Fine Chocolate

And if we’re talking about chocolate of the highest standard then we need to get into percentages. According to experts/fuss pots, a bar of quality dark chocolate will have a cocoa content of around 60% and should be prepared with only cocoa beans and sugar. It should also be of a ‘single origin’ meaning that the cocoa beans are sourced from the same country.

So what’s your favourite chocolate bar? Take our poll!