What to Put in a Hamper?

Simon DunneJune 27, 2020

A food hamper is the kind of gift that keeps giving, whether you’re planning on a picnic, a party or a solitary binge-fest. As you can see on our main pages, the best hampers are those prepared to cater for specific tastes. Sweet and savoury are the bywords here because most of us like to indulge in both. It’s also rather important that the contents won’t spoil. So how does one guard against this clear and present danger? By preparing hampers that will stand the test of time! Here are a few no-brainer tips.

Items to Avoid When Preparing a Hamper

You’ll obviously want to avoid perishable items such as raw meat. OK, so we’ve yet to come across a hamper that includes such an item. And we’re pretty sure that most people won’t want to tuck into an uncooked flank steak while lying back on their picnic blankets. But it’s worth keeping in mind, especially if abstract thinking isn’t really your thing.

Dairy products should also be banished from your hamper if you don’t plan to refrigerate, as should poultry and fish. These items can be a breeding ground for all manner of nasties including spoilage bacteria (yes that’s actually a thing).

Best Items to Put in a Hamper

You should pack non-perishable items into your hamper. And we don’t mean tins of baked beans either. The most obvious choices here are chocolates, sweets and potato chips because they have very long shelf lives. The cocoa butter helps to preserve chocolate while crisps are protected by their air-tight packaging.

Surprisingly, many foodies forget to include chocolate and candy treats as part of their carefully crafted hampers. Crisps are often ignored too - strange really because they offer extra sweet and savoury options. They can also break the monotony of ever-present items such as pasta salads and go down a treat with pretty much all types of sandwich, regardless of filling. Big brand chocolate bars are a welcome inclusion as well, especially big brands from the likes of Cadbury, Mars and Terry’s.